Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cling to Him

Dear Daughters,

Above all, you must cling to the Beloved. When the tears shed at the feet of the Eucharistic Lord have changed from those of gratitude and love to those of frustration: cling to Him. When the warm and content hours of Adoration you enjoyed at the start have given way to restless minutes, straining towards an hour, spent by a cold and distracted heart: cling to Him. When abundant promises made in love have become meager resolutions made with fear and doubt: cling to Him. Above all, cling to Him.

Do not cling to your feelings — they shift and vanish like smoke and betray the hearts of men. One moment they expand like a wide road before the pilgrim soul and the next they contract entirely and abandon the traveler to a perilous fall. Whatever your feelings may be, whether those of love and joy or of anger and bitterness, abandon them to the Lord and then continue on the narrow, but constant, path of obscure faith that surely leads to the Beloved. 

Do not cling to your plans — they fill your heart with anxiety and a multitude of distractions that act as so many ties to bind you to this life and keep you from running towards the Beloved. Pray for courage and trust and then allow your mind to truly forget all things but the One who is present before you. Why do you allow created things to take the place of the eternal One in your heart? Are you afraid of isolation, or loneliness, or that you will find yourself unhappy? Truly these are fearsome thoughts. Yet, the giving of one’s whole heart unreservedly is the leap of faith demanded by true love. It is the risk all take, who take for their only possession the Eucharistic Lord. It is the risk you too must take. 

It is not the Lord who has changed in your seasons of desolation; it is the mind that has become darkened by the affairs of this world, and the heart that has grown cold from a multitude of distractions. The Eucharistic Lord remains ever the burning furnace of charity that is never extinguished; the heart full of love that is never diminished.

Renounce, then, all that would draw you away from the Lord’s presence. Spurn your inclinations and make choices based on faith; turn from the mere feeling of desire and make true acts of love; set aside your anxiety to please others and seek to please your Lord. Persevere daughters. Amidst your own coldness of heart, amidst your distractions, amidst your lack of desire — persevere. Exercise and stretch your hearts in prayer, spend your hours with the Lord and, when you can bear the difficulty no more, look to the Host and stay a little longer. 

Why, you only just came into church and are you already thinking of leaving it again? Remember, there was a time when it was your sweetest delight to be with Me; and now even in My presence you find the moments hanging heavy on your hands. What is the reason, My child? Why have you changed so? Am I no longer your God? Does it no longer please you to be with Me? Are you afraid perhaps? Oh, what can it be that makes you so ill at ease? 

When I poured into your soul the sweetness of My consolations, oh, then the hour of adoration passed away all too quickly. You prayed . . . prayed . . . Oh how you prayed! But now that I offer you a tiny taste of My chalice, of My sorrowfulness, you seem to feel a sort of repugnance towards Me. You are so silent — so repelling! 

My child, are those the resolutions you made? . . . the ones you asked Me to bless? How often you have fervently assured Me that I am your only love, your only consolation, your God and your all! Oh, your heart seems to be so forgetful! Or has some other creature perhaps taken My place therein? Can it be possible that you have found something better than I am? Oh, why, why do you want to leave Me so soon? 

Are you not just a little ashamed to get tired of Me? Have you nothing to say to Me, child? Come, tell Me some of the many things you are always telling others. Just mix a little love with the words and then tell Me everything. Without haste. One thing after the other. Tell Me about the unpleasant things and the troubles; tell Me about your little trials; about the plans you are making; the difficulties that await you. Are you perhaps afraid of meeting disagreeable persons? Of living with them? Or are you afraid of some misfortune? Some rude disappointment? Some painful experiences? Just tell me everything! Keep nothing back. 

From time to time your behavior is so strange. When your poor heart has to fight distractions you quickly lose courage and run away from Me. Do you not know that even distractions can be transformed into a glorious prayer? Only listen to Me, Me child. I will tell you how. 

Are you distracted because of your daily work? Because of the duties of your state of life? Do these things keep you from prayer? Yes? But why do you not tell Me everything at once? Why do you not confide in Me? Gather all those things together and bring them to My feet. If you do so I will accompany your every step with My blessing. I will calm your fears. I will make your work fruitful. 

Are you distracted because of some joy that you hope for? Some expectation? Are you? But why not speak to Me about the desires of your heart? Why not tell Me what you long for? Who knows — perhaps I alone can procure that joy for you. Who knows — perhaps I alone can make it full and lasting. 

Are you distracted because someone has offended you, hurt you? Yes? But, child, why do you not tell Me that at once? Tell me about your sensitiveness, your anger, your revengeful thoughts. Why do you not tell Me how touchy, how irritable you are, how full of bitterness our heart is, how restless your soul? Do you think I am not able to restore peace to you? Have you forgotten that I can transform this bitterness into sweetness, this storm into calm? So be of good cheer, My child, and just talk it all over with Me. In this way your distractions can become the best of prayers. 

Sometimes you complain that no one in the world has a kind word for you. You are sad because no one seems to be interested in you. Oh, your poor, deal soul! See, I am the guilty one. I have put this atmosphere of quiet and seclusion around your I have placed you in this solitude. Have you never thought of that? Have you never realized this? And why do I do it? Just because I want . . . you to remain with Me. I want you to belong wholly to Me; no one else should have any right to you. I bid all others to be silent: I wish to be the only one to speak to you. Of, if you but know how much I have to say to you! But if you leave so quickly, My child, you will have no chance to listen to Me at all. My voice, you know, cannot be heard in the bustle of the world: it is too soft and low. It is more gentle than the throbbing of your heart. If you want to hear it everything must be very quiet around you. 

You think that when you visit Me you alone do the talking. No, no; that will never do; I, too, have something to say. I have many bits of advice to give you, some reproaches to make, some consolation to offer. But if you have no time, if you go from me so quickly, how can I whisper anything to you? 

So just stay here, My child. Yes; only be silent. I will do the talking, never fear! Nor are My words going to be wafted away, like a sweet odor in the air; no, they must be stamped upon your soul as the seal of My love. So stay here, and you will see that there is still someone who has a good word for you — who is wholly yours! 

See, child, there are so many men who want to have nothing at all to do with Me. And that despite the fact that I have heaped benefits upon them. But it seems that My gifts have made them the more forgetful, My consolations, the more heartless. Oh, what a detestable thing ingratitude is! What an ugly stain upon the mind of man! And upon this stain I must gaze continually. 

At least you must remain with Me a little while. Tell Me that you love Me, that you have not forgotten the tears you once wept at My feet, that you still remember the consoling sweetness that I poured so abundantly into you heart. Yes; and tell Me that the only reason why you did not let the abundance of your sufferings cast you into despair was that My saving hand was outstretched to you. Tell Me how you thankfully owe it to My grace that you still look upon life as a blessing. For, oh! You have no idea of the joy and satisfaction which I find in a soul that shows itself grateful for My benefits. 

Ah, if you but knew what I must see and hear from the tabernacle! Sins, and always sins; blasphemies; and then blasphemies again; from far; and from near; they are cruelly flung into My face. I am forced to see everything, to hear everything. My child, these things strike My heart like hailstones. Oh, I beg of you, do not leave Me so quickly! Stay with Me a little longer. Tell Me, my child, why are you in such a hurry, why do you run away so soon? Do you not see how a certain dryness of the soul is the direct result of your great haste? You complain to Me, and to your confessor, and to everybody who is willing to listen, that you no longer experience sweetness and consolation in your practices of piety. But do you not see you have not even the time and the patience to remain a tiny little while with Me . . . with Me . . . and I am the source of all spiritual delights. You complain that you feel cold; and, My child, at the same time you have not the perseverance to remain for half an hour at the fire here, to warm yourself at the glowing hearth of My Sacrament. 

So do not leave Me at once, My child. Stay with Me. Pray. Meditate. Examine your conscience. And if you can do nothing else just stay and listen to what I tell you. Look upon the tabernacle. Marvel at the whiteness of the glimmering host, and try at least a little to penetrate this fair white veil that covers Me. You will discover something surely; and some few words you will most certainly hear. 

My child, you well know that I have created and redeemed you, in order that you may one day live with Me for all eternity. Therefore enjoy a foretaste of heaven already now; taste a drop of the bliss of your future paradise. Listen to Me, dear Christian soul . . . do not go away . . . Oh, be so good as to stay here a little longer! 

Eucharistic Whisperings, Volume II

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