Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Your hidden but beautiful vocation

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Do not be disturbed by or feel that there is anything lacking because of the hiddenness of what you have been called to do.  There is a simplicity that the Lord desires from you.  He has not called you to enter or found a community.  Rather, He has called you to draw close to and enter His Eucharistic Heart and to offer Him your heart in trust and faith.  Worry not about projects or ideals, but rather understand that He wants you to live for Him alone and allow Him to act freely in your lives.  This free and hidden offering of yourself is what He desires.  Offer Him all your love - for in Him you will have everything!  Remain faithful to Adoration for this delights and consoles Him and understand that it is this adoration that allows Him to reach His priests most fully, even the most hardened of souls.  This is your "primary ministry" to His priests.  Adoration is the most efficacious way of reaching them - remain faithful to this and they will be the source of your eternal joy and thanksgiving!

I have not asked you to found a community, but rather to adore Me, to love Me, to seek My Eucharistic Face and draw near to My Eucharistic Heart. I have asked you to trust Me and to place in Me alone all your hope and all your dreams for happiness and peace.  Seek Me, trust Me, and all the rest will be give you besides.  You have only to remain humble and little and faithful.  Without Me, you can nothing, but to Me, nothing is impossible.

Be faithful, then, to Me, not to a project or an ideal.  I am your all.  Live for me alone.  Seek Me. Seek My Face. Take comfort close to My broken Heart.  See how I love you, even to the piercing of My Heart by the soldier's lance, even to the last drops of blood and water.  There is nothing I will not do for you, and this because I love you and because you are Mine.  Only allow Me to act freely, choosing the means, and the day, and the hour.

Here in the Sacrament of My love, you have everything.  Here you have all of Heaven.  Here you have the Creator of the earth and all that it holds, and of every human being who has ever seen the light of day.  I am all yours.  Be all Mine.  Ask Me to unite you more and more to Myself, until you are completely hidden in the secret of My Face.

I am delighted and consoled by your presence close to Me.  This is what I asked of you, and you responded to the pleas of My Heart.  Above all things, remain faithful to your times of adoration.  Invisibly and imperceptibly I am at work in your soul and in the souls of the priests you represent before My Eucharistic Face.  Your adoring presence before Me permits Me to reach them, and to touch even those whose hearts are hardened against Me.  This is your primary ministry to My priests. So long as you remain faithful to this vocation of adoration, reparation and representation of your priests in the sight of My Eucharistic Face, I will bless you and pour out upon you the treasure of mercy reserved for you in My Sacred Heart.

To be sure, there are many ways of reaching out to My priests and of ministering to them, but of all these, Eucharistic adoration is the most efficacious and the most fruitful.  Already My priests are experiencing the effect of your presence to Me in the Sacrament of My love.  Remain faithful to this, and I will save and sanctify a great number of priests.  In heaven they will be for you an eternal source of joy and of thanksgiving.

In Sinu Jesu
Journal of a Priest at Prayer

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