Saturday, August 26, 2017

When you pray for any soul . . . desire only what I desire

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

As you dedicate yourself to Spiritual Motherhood and commit yourself to prayer on behalf of priests, it is important that you approach this labor both with love and humility.  Let your love for Christ compel you to pray and lead you to the Eucharist.  Let humility guide and direct you in that prayer.  Set your own designs aside and seek only the will and desire of God for His priests.  

Despite the Lord's desire for their sanctification, many priests resist the action of His grace and turn away from the path of holiness He sets before them.  Pray that their fear and self-absorption may be overcome.  God overcomes every weakness and indeed works through the poor and prayerful priest most powerfully.  The fruit of their labors depends nothing upon talents or natural abilities.  It is not through worldly success that the priesthood will be renewed.  The Lord has reserved special graces for those He calls to be His priests and victims.  He will change and renew the face of the priesthood by the transforming light of His Eucharistic Face.

When you pray for any soul, begin by uniting yourself wholly to My perfect will for that soul and by entering into all the designs of My Heart on that soul.  Desire only what I desire.  Will what I will.  Let your prayer be a way of harnessing yourself to Me so that we might work together for souls and for My Father's glory.  This is what I meant when I called My dear friends to take My yoke upon them.  I wanted them to learn to labor with Me.

By the prayer of adoration for My priests, you are working with Me for them.  You are working with Me to lift them when they fall, to bind up their wounds, to deliver them from bondage to evil, to open them to My gifts, and to obtain for them a greater openness to the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit.

Your union with Me in prayer lessens the resistance of many priests to entering resolutely upon the path of holiness that I am opening before them.  When you represent My priests before My Eucharistic Face, you are obtaining graces for them, but also the grace to accept those graces that I long to bestow upon them.  So much of what I long to give to My priests his refused because they are unable to move beyond their fears and their self-absorption.

I would work marvels in even place on earth through the ministry of My priests if they would accept the graces that I hold in reserve for them.  I would first purify and sanctify them, and then, by means of their sacred ministry, purify and sanctify a great multitude of souls, so as to make them an offering of praise and thanksgiving to the glory of My Father.

Why do My priests refuse the gifts that I would lavish upon them?  Many are self-sufficient, relying on their natural abilities and talents, and thinking that these natural gifts are sufficient for the success of their ministry.  But their idea of success is not Mine.   And the means that they would take are not Mine.  And I have no need of their natural abilities and talents.  I can do more with one poor priest who, like the Cure of Ars, is humble and utterly united to Me by ceaseless prayer, than I can with a priest who astounds the world with his knowledge and presents himself brilliantly in the sight of men.

When I find a priest who is open to My gifts, I lavish these gifts upon him.  Nothing is lacking to the priest who comes before Me in his poverty, and even in his sins, provided that he give Me his poverty and entrust Me with his sins, and expose all his weaknesses to the transforming light of My Eucharistic Face.

This is what I ask you to do for all my priests.  I am about to renew My priesthood in the whole Church.  I will purify the sons of Levi in fulfillment of the ancient prophecy, not those of a physical priestly lineage, but those who have taken the place of the former priesthood, and who are one with Me in the everlasting priesthood of the Order of Melchisedek.  I will change the face of the priesthood and make it resplendent with the light reflected from My Eucharistic Face.

In Sinu Jesu
A Journal of a Priest at Prayer

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