Sunday, August 6, 2017

The groan of this exhausted soul

My life weighs so heavily - stifling - leaving me unable to think clearly.  Lord I have lost sight of you behind my anxieties that loom so large.  I am preoccupied with all the worldly cares that rush upon me relentlessly, without concern for the weakness of my body and the emotional toll of the years. The measure of my faith seems so thin: I question its very existence.  Whereas the breadth and depth of my self-pity has grown so powerful that even the smallest of things feels as though it would crush me.  I hesitate to bring it before you; the shame of my sensitivity that has made every nerve attuned to the slightest pain and discomfort would make me hide myself if I could - from You, from the world.  Let the groan of this exhausted soul, to tired for tears, be heard as a prayer.  Do not turn away from me, O Lord.

I am here - really present - available to you at any hour of the day or night.  I wait for you.  I want to listen to the cares and preoccupations that you carry like a heavy burden.  Give them all to Me.  Trust in Me and I will act.  I have told you this before: for Me nothing is insignificant.  No detail of your life is too small and no sin of yours too shameful to be brought to Me and to be abandoned at My feet.  Yet, this is how My saints acted.  They were certain  that any difficulty entrusted to My Heart would find there the best of all possible solutions.  Tell Me that you trust in My merciful love by letting go of the things that burden and oppress you.  I am the Lord of all things in heaven and on earth, and to Me nothing is impossible.

In Sinu Jesu
When Heart Speaks to Heart
A Benedictine Monk

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