Thursday, August 10, 2017

Priestly souls depend on your fidelity

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

The path has been set before you and offers you rest and healing.  However, you must commit to abide with Me along this path and to remain there as long as you can.  Do not compromise the immense grace that is offered to you by holding on to other things.  You are a Daughter of St. Philip and the renewal of many priestly souls depends upon your fidelity to this call.  Their healing and sanctification depends upon the love you have for them and your fidelity to adoration.  At times you may feel isolated but you are not alone.  There are many I have called to this life of adoration and reparation.  Do not be afraid; grace has been given for all I have called you to do.

The path I have traced before you is the path of adoration.  Walk this path in the light of My Eucharistic Face and you will see that it leads straight into My open Heart.  This is the very path that I would set before all My priests.  I want them to walk in the light of My Face, forsaking all darkness, and desiring nothing so much as to rest within My sacred side.

My pierced Heart is the wellspring of purity, healing, and of holiness.  How much I want to draw you to My open Heart in the Sacrament of My love!  It is enough for you to come to Me, even if you are weary and without words or affectionate thoughts..  By the simple act of coming to Me, you demonstrate your love for Me and your desire for My healing and purifying action in your souls and the souls of priests.

You must learn to remain in My presence, to abide there for as long as you can, for this is the very essence of the life to which I have called you.  When you forsake Me for other things, you are compromising the immense grace I have given you in bringing you here to be an adorer of My Eucharistic Face.  The healing and purification  of many priestly souls depends on your fidelity to this call to adoration and reparation.  I have charged you with a grave responsibility for the healing of priests and for the return of many of them to My open Heart.  Their healing and sanctification depends on the love you have for them and on the expression of that love by fidelity to adoration.  I have elected to associate you to Myself and to My most holy Mother in this work.  You are not alone. There are many other souls whom I have called to this life of adoration and reparation for My beloved priests.  But you have your part to play in this design of My merciful love and no one can fulfill this part except you.You see, then, that I count on you.  But do not be afraid.  I will give you the grace to be faithful to all that I have asked of you.  It is not you who will do great things for My priests, but rather Me living in you as in another humanity marked by My priesthood, another humanity in which I can offer Myself to the Father and pour Myself out for souls.

adapted from:
In Sinu Jesu
A Journal of a Priest at Prayer
A Benedictine Priest

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