Thursday, May 11, 2017

Holiness through Adoration

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

As you have renewed your commitment to daily Eucharistic Adoration and Reparation for the Sanctification of Priests, its seems fitting that we should reflect upon an entry from In Sinu Jesu, The Journal of a Priest. Nowhere is your vocation more clearly expressed than Christ speaking "Cor ad Cor" with those he has drawn to Himself and called to linger long with Him in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Throughout these past years you have seen the nature and demands of your commitment and the path to holiness grow more and more simple: Holiness through Adoration.  Silent and still, you are called to draw close to Christ, gazing upon His Eucharistic Face - loving Him and receiving His love.  You had only to ask for this gift and you have indeed requested it through expressing your commitment.  In the act, in the self-offering, the grace is given.  This is why Christ can say to you "this is not difficult."  Its austerity is found only in that the commitment to come before Him rest upon faith alone. Out of that faith arises a flame of hope set to blaze by a fire that burns within His Eucharistic Heart and which He continues to desire to let loose upon the world.
Fear not this fire Daughters; for it seeks not to annihilate or destroy but purify and transform. Adoration is the furnace and He will forge your hearts anew according to His Divine Love.  Through your commitment to Adoration on behalf of priests, God will purge all impurity and darkness from your hearts and theirs.  God has set you apart for this purpose - to enter into Mary's Spiritual Motherhood - to nurture in your hearts and prayers the renewal of the holy priesthood. 
The practice of adoration is not difficult.
It is a gentle abiding in My presence,
a resting in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face,
a closeness to My Eucharistic Heart.
Words, though sometimes helpful, are not necessary,
nor are thoughts.
What I seek from one who would adore Me in spirit and in truth
is a heart aflame with love,
a heart content to abide in my presence,
silent and still,
engaged only in the act of loving Me
and of receiving My love.
Though this is not difficult,
it is, all the same,
my own gift
to the soul who asks for it.
Ask, then, for the gift of adoration.
Adoration is an austere prayer
because it rests upon faith alone.
Out of faith there rises the pure flame of hope,
and out of the flame of hope,
I enkindle in the soul a great conflagration of charity;
that is, a communication to the soul
of the fire that blazes in My Eucharistic Heart.
The fire of Divine Love does not destroy what I created:
a soul fashioned in My image and likeness.
It purifies that soul
and burns away only what is incompatible with My infinite holiness,
and with the purity of My Essence.
The soul, however, is not annihilated.
The soul remains,
even in the midst of the purifying flames of Divine Love,
fully capable of believing, of hoping, and of loving Me.
Adoration is a furnace and a forge.
The soul called to a life of adoration
must expect to suffer the intensity of the fiery furnace,
and the reshaping of all that is misshapen in her
in the forge of My Divine Will.
For this to happen,
it is enough that the soul offer herself to My love,
and remain humble, peaceful, and quiet
as I purify and transform her in My presence.
If only souls knew the power to purify and to transform
that emanates from My tabernacles!
If only My priests knew this
they would hasten into My presence
and remain there,
waiting for Me to do in them
what, of themselves, they cannot do.
It is the simple prayer of adoration
that renders a priest fit for the sacred ministry
by giving him a pure heart
and by correcting all that is incompatible with My Divine Holiness
and with My Priestly Love in his life.
This way of holiness through adoration
is a secret revealed to My saints in ages past,
and it is a gift that I am offering My priests
in these times of impurity, persecution, and darkness.
For impurity,
I will give them a shining purity
that will blaze before the eyes of the world
as a testimony to Divine Love.
For persecution
I will give them a manly strength and a resoluteness of purpose
that will confound those who plot their downfall.
For darkness
I will give them a clear light by which to order their steps
and see what choices are pleasing to My Heart.
Time spent in My presence is not time wasted.
It is the ground and support
of every word spoken by My priests in the exercise of their ministry;
it is the secret of a priestly action that is supernaturally fruitful,
bearing fruit that will last.
If this is true of the priests whom I have chosen
to labour in the vineyard of My Church,
how much more must it be true of [those]
whom I have chosen and set apart
to live cloistered in the Cenacle
with My Most Holy Mother and with Saint John, My Beloved Disciple.
John was most at home in My Eucharistic presence
and in the company of My Mother.
John understood better
and more than the other Apostles
the mysteries that I instituted in the Cenacle
on the night before I suffered.
John was the first of a long line of Eucharistic priests
called to love Me and abide in My Eucharistic presence,
close to My Heart, and in the radiance of My Face.
This is the particular grace that Saint John would share
with those who, responding to My call,
will find their way to the Cenacle of adoration
that I am bringing to birth
as a living organism within My Church,
enlivened by the Holy Spirit
and formed in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother.
From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest