Saturday, May 28, 2016

In the School of the Host

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,
Once again Dom Mark Kirby, OSB gives us a privileged look into the writings and thought of Mother Mectilde de Bar.  His most recent post captures something particularly important for the eucharistic adorer and that in its hiddenness must be discerned.  
Kirby writes: the on "who contemplates the Sacred Host will, by the secret action of the Holy Ghost, come to resemble the One whom he contemplates.  Mother Mectilde de Bar suggests that each soul is called to participate in some way in what she calls the states of Jesus the Host.  The knowledge of each soul’s particular correspondence to the Divine Host is, she says, given only in the light that comes from prayer. Once a soul has discerned what this correspondence is, she must pray for the grace to adhere to it by love, even though it be a hard and rugged thing to enter into the mystery of the Christus passus (Christ suffering)."  In the remainder of the POST Kirby elaborates on 24 states and how they manifests themselves in the soul and "corresponds a virtue or fruit.  Each state constitutes a particular form of holiness; a hard and rugged path to glory; a grace given for the upbuilding of the Church, and a participation in the priesthood and victimhood of Christ."

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