Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I have only you

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

As you draw closed to the Beloved and gaze upon His Eucharistic face, you will gradually see in his eyes a love beyond comprehension; a love that proclaims that you are everything to Him, that He only has you.  Although present to the mystical body as a whole, He draws you close and whispers "For you I died, just for you."  He takes care of the whole world and is its ruler, yet it is you who are priceless in His eyes. 

I am really shaken when I begin to realize that in the palm of my hand is He, the one true God who rules the micro- and macro-world, the One upon whom every nerve and tissue depends.  Finally I may get to see that He allows me to adore Him in the palm of my hands at least for a moment as He only has me.  He only has me.  I am everything to Him.  I need Him to be everything for me.  He comes to me in an unexpectedly riveting way.  I try to respond to these unusual words of His love.  After all, I have nothing, nobody; truly I have only Him.  If I lost Him, I would not be able to live.

Once I discover the reality of eucharistic presence; once I discover that this is the same love with which He loves me and only me, I will see that the Eucharist doesn't cease to be the gift for the mystical body of Christ.  Once I discover the amazing love of Jesus present in the Eucharist I will discover that the Eucharist doesn't cease to be homage of adoration.  In this adoration you can find a little corner, where He whispers: For you I died, just for you.  Yet I have only you.  I, the God who reveals to you my incomprehensible love in the Eucharist, am really present.  I, the world's ruler, am master of heaven and earth.  Still, I find you to be priceless.  I take care of the whole world yet I tell you, I have only you.

Maybe I will believe it because various events like human ways are by no means smooth and straight.  Yet these events, marked as they are with extraordinary victories of grace and my stubborn lack of cooperation, nonetheless keep telling me that He is ceaselessly burning with love for me.  At last I can get enraptured by this Eucharistic love.  I will see it is humanly speaking quite insane for Him to fall in love with the likes of me.  Yet this love express itself in transfixing words.  This infinity of God ruling from the eucharistic altar throughout the world, directing the smallest element of macro- and micro-history, and in this context, this constant whisper of His: I have only you.

It is not possible finally to fail to fall in love with this sacramental, eucharistic, incomprehensibility.  Worlds come and go, yet eucharistic love goes on forever.  Above all, it is all just for me.  This crazy gift is forever revealed in these words.  I have only you, I have only you.

Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer
The Mystery of Faith

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