Monday, December 7, 2015

Apart from You, the world does not exist for me

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

It is so hard to understand and accept the love of God; to receive that love as He desires to give it to you.  He wants you to know that He gives you everything and to experience it as if He has only you.  Despite believing that God alone can give you everything, you cling to much lesser images or place false hopes or expectations in other things or people as if they could satisfy that deepest desire of your heart. 

In silence let Him draw you to Himself and instill in your heart a greater trust.   He wants you to be conscious of His presence at every turn and to let Him invest everything in your life with love and meaning.  Allow yourself to be nourished upon His eucharistic love born from the cross and ceaselessly flowing to you from the altar.

Everything I am given comes from You.  In every moment, You never stop loving me personally.  Your love is hard to express.  You seem to say, "I am giving you everything as I have only you."

Only You are God.  This means that You alone give me everything.

I want to accept it in the silence of my heart.  God is the silence, so I will not hurry, as haste shatters the silence and impedes his presence.  I have to venerate Him in what He gives me.  This only one, I Am, is somehow present in His gift.  In taking from Him, I am somehow close to Him.

My ability to write, move my hand or leg, also comes from You.  It is thanks to Your love that I am able to get up in the morning.  It is You who give me contrition, the grace of forgiveness and pain when I am walking away from You; You give me my willingness to return.  You give me the grace to shake off all temptations to sadness and despair.  If I am drowning in temptations, I can call out: "You will save me!  After all, You have only me."

When I focus on Him and on what He gives me, it is difficult to sin since only He is in my consciousness.  He gives me everything.   Without Him and what He gives me, I just couldn't live.

There is only You, God.  Of course there is the world, the work of Your wisdom, Your love, where I meet You, where You give me everything abundantly.  Apart from this, the world does not exist for me.

I can't live on my own.  You give me everything.  You want to give me everything.  Your are the eucharistic mercy.

I can't love You.  I know that my "love" is to receive Your love, ever wider, ever deeper.

You give me everything.  This consciousness brings me peace, freedom from worries, unrest and fears.

Your love born from the Cross never stops flooding to me from the altar.  Yet I seldom take note of it.

You give me everything.  You arrange it so that attracted by Your love, I continually open my arms to absorb more of this eucharistic love.  It penetrates through and through.  Finally I will be completely absorbed and taken over by it.

He gives me everything but gradually He will want to show me there is a hierarchy of gifts.  Moreover, there is one miraculous gift that is the source of them all.  In opening myself each day to these I shall see something quite different.  I shall discover the gift of the redeeming cross, that gift of the Son's sacrifice for me.

I will then discover this reality of God on the altar.  Only then will I see the reality of this gift.  Then, among the prayers of the Mass I will find where I rest, one to One in eucharistic love.  Only then will I understand that divine whisper.  It is only for those who live in silence.  I have only you.  Those gifts were the gifts of daily life as I never cease loving you, but here, I have become the gift for you.

Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer
The Mystery of Faith

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