Saturday, November 14, 2015

Only by being small

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

It is now when your Redemption is being accomplished.  Now you are at the source of all graces, being given the greatest of God's gifts.  Your Eucharistic participation gives you everything you need.  You will receive all this because of God's plan.  Now on the altar He gives His life for you.  Only He can distinguish which desires are good or bad for you.  Hatred and pride are everywhere.  Even during the Eucharist you can be tempted without knowing it. Only by being small can you defend yourself.   

The Blessed Sacrament is God Himself giving Himself.  He in His sacrifice, in His real presence comes inside me and wants to permeate my whole being with even a particle of His life, to illuminate it.  The Eucharist is light bringing light.  It wants to illuminate me with God's incomprehensible love, extraordinarily revealing Himself in this sacrament.  However, even after I receive this Sacrament, some areas of darkness remain in me.

How do I defend myself against the temptation and open up to the Eucharistic saving graces?  Only by being small.  Hatred cannot stand such attitudes.  It always builds illusory, elevated thrones.  Since I am blind to it, my pride induces me to build these illusory thrones at the behest of the prince of this world.  I have always to be small especially when I am in church before the tabernacle or when I am at Mass. The prince of this world fears humility.  He knows that when I am small I stand in the truth.  The whole power of Love surrounds me.  He fears this and has to run away.

If I am small, there is an absence of the aura of coveted greatness.  The Eucharistic Jesus is able to live in me because I will finally have opened my heart to Him in my tormented wandering.  I will then be amazed to see that when I was astray, I was being looked for by that Love that never abandons me.  Finally I will have opened myself to it, and It will be able fully to conquer me for its glory.

Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer
Amazing Nearness

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