Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In weariness you sought me

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

You must never let yourself lose sight of or take for granted the extraordinary love of a God who searches for you and waits for you; Who takes upon Himself your humanity to draw close to you and in the stillness of the Eucharist waits patiently for you to recognize His presence.  You constantly walk away from Him, pass by Him unaware of the yearning of His heart.  Pray.  Pray that His constant searching will affect you so deeply that you will never want to leave Him again.

Quaerens me, sedisti lassus - in weariness you sought me. . .  . Unexpectedly You come to me in these words.  You come with Your silence and peace.  Silence and peace - light flows from these words.  It is as if they captivate and transfer me to a different reality - the reality of Your offering of Yourself.  Wanting to move me to faith, You tell me Your love speaks simply; someone who has lost a love one, seeks for him.  Afterwards he is nigh exhausted.

All this isn't just about anybody.  It is about You, God who accepted human nature so I could understand things.  You long for me.  Your humanity brings me to the truth of Your extraordinary love.  As God You do not get weary; yet on earth, sharing our human nature, You cried and got tired.  All for me personally.  I am not running after You.  You are chasing me by Your love or just by Your Voice.  You seek me because Your very seeking marvelously exposes my needs.

Quaerens me, sedisti lassus - words that speak of You and me; about me, constantly lost in life's avenues, whom You desperately need to find.  That is how You are saving me.  You bring me hope as I know You are never giving up the pursuit.  So I place my hope in Your searching.  My peace comes from that.  It tells me that finally I will not go astray.

I am guilty of losing You by going away from You.  I forget You love me exclusively.  My thoughts, desires, and likings are miles away.  In avoiding you, I get lost.

No matter what happens to me, no matter how far I stray away, You never give up the search.  You never weary of me even with my fleeting absences.  You, the Divine Searcher of the lost, eagerly come looking for me.  You are unaware of any fatigue.

You unceasingly love me.  You reveal it by constantly looking for me in the Eucharist.  You keep injecting me with Eucharistic grace so that Your redeeming, suffering exhaustion is not in vain.  From the Eucharistic altar You can lift me, heal me, and constantly tell me about Your incomprehensible love for me.

You bring me hope that eventually Your tirelessness will amaze me so much, I will be secure in the thought that I will never leave You again.  The time will come when You will not have to seek me anymore.  Your tiredness will be over, not because I will have changed but because Your searching will begin to affect me so deeply that I will never want to leave You.  You will have finally found me.  I thank You.  I only thank You for the peace it brings me.  It is only You who find.

I am thinking that someday, in keeping with Your wish, I will discover Eucharistic love and be taken up with You who unceasingly love me.  Your Eucharistic love will deeply penetrate my life, purifying me.  In this Eucharistic way You will always fill me with Yourself.  Someday You will introduce me to the light of Your glory that always waits for me.

Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer
Amazing Nearness

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