Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Enclose yourself in Me

“Enclose yourself in Me. If you knew who I was, you would pray today for all sinners, those that you know and others too, with all the trust one feels in the Infinite.

“Shut yourself in never to depart again. Be like My cloistered sister; the cloister, you know, is the image of My heart. There’s where you will live—in the midst of others—with such love and tenderness.

“Don’t be afraid to be transformed. Abandon yourself to the strokes of the chisel; everything is for your good. Isn’t My love for you beyond reason. Yes, I love you to the point of doing the good that I want to do to this one and that one by you. You will not always notice this. Sometimes you will wonder, ‘Who spoke then—He or I?’ You know how I have merged with My faithful child? Wasn’t this My desire—to be one with you, with each one of you. Not for just a moment but for your life long.

“Which of you will give Me the joy of being invited to your earthly pilgrimage? Who will say to Me at the end of the road, ‘I should like to live again because of You, and yet I find it sweet to die for You.’

“I have called you to union. My invitation is for every man, woman, and child. Yet few have listened. Very few have responded to the call. Gabrielle, My little girl, consent to this oneness. There is still time. You will console Me and you will make amends for yourself; you will give Me, as it were, a taste for forgiveness.

“Oh, My little ones, created by Me, what power is yours! Let your heart overflow with love and gratitude. What would you find to love outside of Me?”

“I love You, always You, yet I scarcely know you.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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