Monday, November 16, 2015

Do you really want His coming in glory, now?

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

When you draw close to the Lord as He comes to you in the Eucharist, your hearts must also be preparing for His second coming in glory.  This expectations means living in a state of constant conversion, seeking to purify the eye of your heart so as to see in faith the Angel choirs surrounding the altar.  You must offer no resistance to His grace and yearn for heaven.  Let it be your greatest desire.  You must ask yourself often if you sincerely want His coming in glory now.  Are you ready for it?  Do you expect it?  

I often forget that the Eucharistic eschatological dimensions are extremely important.  They involve my need for conversion through the pursuit of personal Eucharistic Love.  As so few expect His coming, so few people prepare for it.  He will come in glory, but  how will his sudden coming find me?  Concentrating on Him in interior silence?  Or maybe preferring early illusions . . .  .  Expecting His coming in glory means desiring Him now as King of my heart.

As soon as Jesus comes onto the altar at the Consecration, the Church makes me expect His next coming.  On Christian thinker tells of a vision concerning the Lord's second coming.  He saw the priest raising the Host after the consecration and suddenly the end arrived.  Out of the elevated Host emerges Christ in His whole glory, surrounded by Angels.

In faith I should immediately try to discover the Angel's choirs surrounding the altar.  The Eucharistic celebration is participation in heavenly liturgy.  Angels cannot leave Jesus, for whom they were created.  In the First Eucharistic Prayer, the priest, just after the Consecration, bowing in the name of the Church, utters the amazing words: "alright God: command that these gifts be borne by the hands of your holy Angel to your altar on high. . .  ."

Your glory is revealed when I offer no resistance to Your grace.  You find Your glory in sanctifying those whom You love dearly, for whom You shed Your blood on the cross.  "Lord Jesus, come in glory" means that I should have the beginning of a desire to see by faith the Angels around the altar along with my yearning for heaven.

The more sincerely I say these words, the more my focus will increase.  They ask: Do I really want His coming in glory, now?  Am I ready for this coming?  Do I expect it?  I should try not to be terrified by the thought of His coming or afraid of its disturbing my private world.  I should try mentally to live that reality.  For this glory will have to recreate my own earthly world and transform it into something new.

After all, Jesus coming in glory will involve a new heaven and earth, not this earth to which I desperately cling.  There will be a new earth and heaven.  The words: " . . . Lord Jesus, come in glory" invite me to radically change my outlook.  They invite me to want to bring the Lord's coming closer to earth and heaven here and now.  Faith already makes it clear that You, my Eucharistic God, wish to embrace me forever in Your incomprehensible glory.

Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer
Amazing Nearness

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