Monday, August 17, 2015

Cast yourself upon the Heart of the Beloved

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

You are discovering that all things are a result of God's mercy and in that alone do you find security.  Know that it is pleasing to God that when you see your misery you present it to him.  More and more let the darkness of your trials draw you on to the nuptials of the Beloved that he destines for you.  Hoping against hope in the state of misery and uniting it to his on agony brings immense joy to the Lord.

In your letter there is a phrase which pleases me very much, because I see in it the source of great glory for our Lord. You say, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing in me upon which I can take a little security. Therefore I do not cease to cast myself with confidence into the Heart of my Master.” That, my daughter, is the true way, for all that God does for us is the result of His mercy which is touched by the avowal of this misery; and a soul that sees her misery and presents it continually to the gaze of divine mercy, gives great glory to God by leaving Him the opportunity of communicating His goodness to her. Continue to follow this attraction, and let yourself be led, in the midst of the darkness of trial, to the nuptials of the Lamb to which He destines you.

Our Lord urges me to pray much for you that you may remain with great generosity on the altar of immolation with Jesus. A soul, even a very miserable one, thus united to Jesus in His agony, but like Abraham, “hoping against hope,” gives immense glory to God and helps Jesus in His work in the Church.

Blessed Columba Marmion.