Thursday, April 23, 2015

shudder, yes, but kiss the hand of God

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Do you yearn to be united with your Beloved?  Are you willing to place yourselves at the disposal of crucified love at every moment - to lay down your lives for He who ever remains Victim in the tabernacle?

Jesus is ever in your heart; lay down your whole being at His feet a hundred times a day, leaving to Him the full disposal of everything. And then, when He takes you at your word, when He cuts into the living flesh, shudder, yes, but kiss the hand of God Who is preparing you for divine union with the Crucified.

For the sacrifice of Jesus Christ never ceases, for He is ever immolated on an altar, and He ever remains Victim in the tabernacle. Our life ought always to be united to this life of Jesus Christ as Priest and Victim.

Blessed Columba Marmion

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