Sunday, April 19, 2015

It would be like blasphemy . . .

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Never think for a moment that God is indifferent to your sufferings.  On the contrary, His gaze penetrates the depths of your souls and knows your sorrows intimately.  Furthermore, the moment that you bear that suffering for Him - every single moment - it becomes a part of a new heaven for all eternity.

When weak and miserable fall at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to offer all to the Father and to adore Him for you.  Let your concern alone be the embrace of His will.  Bear everything as Christ did on the Cross.  Never refuse but pray without ceasing of the grace you need.

It would be like blasphemy to believe that God is indifferent to our needs and sufferings. God always looks upon us with an infinite look, one that is infinitely intense, penetrating to the very depths of our soul and knowing all its griefs and its needs.

Let us tell ourselves that every day, every hour, every instant of suffering borne with Jesus and for love of Him will be a new heaven for all eternity, and a new glory given God for ever.
Let us never forget it: God alone is necessary. All else could be wanting; but He will never be wanting, and He alone is sufficient for us.

In all circumstances we should have recourse to Jesus by prayer; He is our peace, our strength, our joy—and He belongs entirely to us.

During my prayer, I love to cast myself at the feet of Jesus Christ and to say to Him: I am very miserable, I am nothing, but You can do all: You are my wisdom, my sanctity. You behold Your Father, You adore Him, You say to Him ineffable things. O my Jesus! that which You say to Him I would say to Him also; say it to Him in my place. You behold in Your Father all that He wills of me, all that He wills for me; You see in Him if I shall have sickness or health, consolation or suffering; You see when and how I am to die. You accept all for me. As for me, I will it with You, because You will it.

For love, work, suffer, bear up despite monotony, just as Jesus on the Cross.

If He asks for anything, never refuse, but if it seems too hard to nature, pray, pray till He gives you the grace.

May God bless and love you, and make you a holocaust of love united with your Crucified Spouse.

Blessed Columba Marmion. 

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