Sunday, April 5, 2015

Consecrate yourself to the Will of God

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

Above all set your hearts on pleasing God and doing His will at every moment.  This is a sure path to intimacy because the will of God is not distinct from Himself.  To love and adore Him is to have a burning desire not to displease Him in any way; to do His will always.  Let your eyes ever be upon Him - gaze upon His Eucharistic face that there you will learn His will and find the strength to do it.

Abandonment is first of all the consecration of one’s self, in faith and love, to God’s will. The will of God is not distinct from Himself; it is God intimating to us His wishes; it is as holy, as powerful, as adorable, as immutable as God Himself.

What ought to be the attitude of the loving soul with regard to this will? The soul ought to feel itself fire and flame to fulfil it. Every energy of our being should be employed, with fidelity and constancy, to carry out this will. The more intimate we are with anyone, the more careful we are not to displease him; in regard to God, our fidelity ought to be absolute: “I do always the things that please Him”: Quae placita sunt ei facio SEMPER. Such ought to be the passion of a soul that seeks God solely; his eyes, as the Psalmist says, should be “ever towards the Lord”: Oculi mei SEMPER ad Dominum, thereby to learn His will and to do it. Love serves as the measure of this self-surrender, and the deeper love is, and the more intense and active, the more complete and absolute it renders self-surrender.

Marmion, Blessed Columba 

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