Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yield yourself up to the wisdom and love of your Spouse

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

God has deigned for certain souls to share in the sufferings of his Son in a more intimate fashion. This aspect of the mystery of redemption is often neglected by the faithful and so some few souls are called to be victims of expiation and praise.  Precious in the eyes of the Lord, He delights in them.  This is not an easy path to tread; for it is to share in something of the darkness, powerlessness, and forsakenness of the Crucified.  You must, therefore, yield yourself into His hands and give without measure and without fear.  There is no need to ask for suffering or to seek it out.  Rather, let your Spouse determine what His interests demand.  In this, the Eucharistic life of Jesus must be your model and like Him you must give yourself in patience, kindness and indulgence - even in the face of ingratitude.  Let not your soul be occupied with trifles but rather with the interests of your Lord and souls.  

Our Lord is Master of His gifts and, without any merit on their part, He calls certain souls to more intimate union with Him, to share His sorrows and sufferings for the glory of His Father and the salvation of souls: Adimpleo in corpore meo quae desunt passionum Christi pro corpore ejus quod est Ecclesia: “ I fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh, for His body, which is the Church.” “We are the body of Christ and members of His members.” God could have saved men without them having to suffer or to merit, as He does in the case of little children who die after baptism. But by a decree of His adorable wisdom, He had decided that the world’s salvation should depend upon an expiation of which His Son Jesus should undergo the greater part but in which His members should be associated. Many men neglect to supply their share of suffering accepted in union with Jesus Christ , and of prayers and good works. That is why our Lord chooses certain souls to be associated with Him in the great work of the Redemption. These are elect souls, victims of expiation and praise. These are dear to Jesus beyond all one can imagine. His delight is to be in them. Now, my dear daughter, I am convinced that you are one of these souls. Without any merit on your part, Jesus has chosen you. If you are faithful, you will attain close union with our Lord, and once united to Him, lost in Him, your life will bear much fruit for His glory and the salvation of souls. On the day of your mystical nuptials one sees only the flowers of the crown that Jesus places upon your head. But, my daughter, never forget that the spouse of a Crucified God is a victim. I say this to you, for I foresee that you will suffer, and you have need of much courage, much faith, much confidence. There are deserts to be traversed, you must pass through darkness and obscurity, days when you feel powerless and forsaken. Without that, your love would never be deep nor strong. But if you are faithful and abandoned to Him, Jesus will always hold you by the hand. “Though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for Thou art with me.” So, my dear daughter, give yourself without stinting, yield yourself up without fear. Do not ask for suffering, but yield yourself up to the wisdom and love of your Spouse that He may operate in you all that the interests of His glory demand. He will come to you every day in the Holy Sacrament in order to change you into Himself. Let this eucharistic life of Jesus be a continual model for you. There, Jesus is a Victim immolated to the glory of His Father, and given over as food to His brethren, even to those who receive Him with coldness and ingratitude, or to those who outrage Him. You, too, my daughter, be every day more and more a victim immolated to the glory of the Blessed Trinity in prayer, Divine Office, and mortification, and a victim of charity immolated to souls by expiation, and to your sisters by patience, kindness, indulgence. Be a great soul who forgets herself to think of the interests of Jesus and of souls. Do not be stayed by the trifles which occupy the thoughts and the life of so many consecrated souls. Let us help one another to arrive at this sublime ideal which I desire for myself as I do for you.

Union with God, chapter 3, section 2

Marmion, Blessed Columba 

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