Monday, March 9, 2015

No higher ambition

Dom Columba Marmion could not wish, as spiritual father, to do anything but share with his beloved spiritual daughter in whatever the Heavenly Father would will for them.  And if it should be the Cross, to share in the shame and suffering of Christ, he could desire no higher gift and hold no higher ambition than to walk the path of perfect union.  There is nothing more fruitful for the Church and the salvation of soul and so nothing to be more highly valued.

I have seen that you have been suffering, I have suffered with you. We are so much one! Yet I could not have wished it otherwise. I have placed you with Jesus like His Amen deep in the Father’s bosom. He loves you infinitely more and infinitely better than I do. I yield you up to Him as Mary yielded up Jesus, and if He wills to fasten you on the Cross with your Spouse, if He wills for you shame, suffering, and misunderstanding, if He wills for you even immolation, I will it too as I will it for myself. We are not made for enjoyment down here, our happiness is on high, Sursum corda. In the divine plan all good comes from Calvary, from suffering. St. John of the Cross says that our Lord scarcely ever gives the gift of contemplation and perfect union except to those who have laboured much, suffered much for Him. Now my ambition for you is this perfect union, so fruitful for the Church and souls. St. Paul tells us, Libenter gloriabor in infirmitatibus meis UT inhabitet in me VIRTUS Christi. I wish to see you quite weak in yourself but filled with the virtus Christi. Jesus has promised that through Holy Communion not only shall we abide in Him but also that He will abide in us. That is the virtus Christi. The more our life flows from Him, the more we have the virtus Christi—the more it glorifies the Father. In hoc clarificatus est Pater meus UT FRUCTUM PLURIMUM afferatis; qui manet in me et ego in eo, hic fert fructum multum. “In this is My Father glorified, that you bring forth very much fruit; he that abideth in Me, and I in Him, the same beareth much fruit.”

Union with God, chapter 3, section 2

Marmion, Blessed Columba

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