Friday, March 20, 2015

It is the Lord!

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,

You must acknowledge that presence of the Lord and unite yourselves to the Beloved in both His Cross and in the Eucharist.  To see and receive Him at the altar of sacrifice should help you to see and receive Him in the oblation of your lives with ever greater courage and love.  To do both is to experience a peace that no one and nothing can take from you.

It is a great perfection to unite ourselves to the Lamb in this offering and to accept, with Him, without murmuring, all the sufferings and all the trials that our Heavenly Father permits, saying: Dominus est. “It is the Lord.”

In hours of trial and suffering, look at Christ Jesus in His agony or hung upon the Cross, and let us say to Him from the depths of our heart: Diligam te et tradam meipsum pro te: “ Because I love Thee I accept Thy will.” Then divine peace— that peace which passes all understanding— will descend into our soul with the sweetness of heavenly grace. This alone will give us the strength and patience to endure all things in silence of heart and lips: Tacita conscientia patientiam amplectatur.

Marmion, Blessed Columba

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