Thursday, February 12, 2015

To be crucified in His exact likeness

It is a great victory for God that there are souls in this world who desire sufferings with as much avidity as the greater number of men seek pleasures.  It seems as though God rejoices in the fact of their existence, by fulfilling willingly their hearts' desires.  For He Himself has given them this thirst. When God wants to fill a heart He begins by emptying it.  Whereas all around them have no room within for such yearnings, they are tormented with a thirst to satisfy them to infinity.

First of all they cannot let our Lord suffer alone upon the Cross, they must alleviate His Sufferings by sharing them.  They long to wipe His bloodstained brow, to expiate the blows of the hammer when the nails were driven into His sacred feet and hands, the purple furrows of the lash, by their voluntary and loving oblation.  The back of Christ's Cross is empty; there they will seek to be nailed, eager for one thing only, to be crucified in His exact likeness.

They take the advice of St. Catherine of Siena to the letter, which is as follows:

Let the tree of the Cross be planted in your heart and in your soul.  Become like unto Jesus crucified.  Hide yourself in His sacred Wounds, bathe yourself in the Blood of Jesus crucified, satiate yourself with opprobrium in suffering for the love of Jesus crucified.

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