Thursday, January 1, 2015

You play your part in the unfinished symphony


“Don’t be surprised at having to suffer for Me or at being tested and tried for My sake. These are records to be filled out for eternity. You take your place in the sacrifice for which the crown is prepared. You play your part in the unfinished symphony of My passion. Love these last sufferings. They are part of your travel wardrobe. The most ordinary sufferings—heat, insects, unforeseen mishaps, petty annoyances that you offer Me in expiation—are part of the harvest of the autumn of your life in this ever-marvelous springtime of love. Aren’t the seasons simultaneous in the bride-soul where the light of love never goes out? This little light illuminates everything in her, but she is so simple that she is not even aware of it. As for Me, I see. You feel far from Me; you’re afraid that you have left Me, and there I am in your center.

“Just keep your will for Me; that’s enough. Your will in Mine—that’s everything—for My joy and yours. I want you to be completely joyous. You will be when you have emptied yourself of self. Then you will no longer feel the gravity of life, but the gentle and buoyant breath of uplifting joy. Do you believe what I’m telling you? Live in the home of the beloved ones.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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