Friday, January 2, 2015

The Window

"The Window": what nearly everything Vermeer paints seems to body forth - mysteriously - is the essential nature of Light.  Outside (where the Impressionists sought for It), It can't be truly seen; It is diffuse and only Its effects are visible.  We see by It, but do not see the Light Itself.  But Vermeer says: do as Christ bids, "Go into your room and shut the door" - and to the enclosed person, shut within four walls, Light comes through the window.  Now we not only see by It, but It becomes the main character in our picture . . . . God seems to be found in freedom, in experience, in openness - but the true finding is in sacrifice, in deliberate renunciation of other possibilities.  He comes to be seen through His Jesus-window, when we have gone into the enclosed room of our own truth and let Him shine as He pleases.
Sister Wendy Beckett

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