Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lord, make me what you wanted me to be


“Do you believe—do you really believe in My mysteries?”

“Yes, Lord, I do believe, and they are the source of my greatest happiness.”

“But do you believe to the point of merging your thought entirely with Mine? To the point of living for one thing only—to please the ever-living heart of your bridegroom, to be a faithful comforter for Him? Do you believe enough to find in each Eucharist the food that should strengthen your love? You know that this is all that counts: to make love grow in your heart. When you love Me perfectly and above all things, all beings, all ideas, everything will be fulfilled in you because you will have attained the end for which I created and redeemed you. Don’t be afraid to offer yourself to the fulfillment of My dream of you, as though I were waiting to be encouraged by your burning desires. Say, ‘Lord, make me what You wanted me to be.’ At least form the wish that we never be of two minds and that, seeking to know all My will for you, you take care to respond as faithfully as you can. And this too will comfort Me for the lack of love, the scorn and hatred that I meet, just as I did during My life on earth.
“My child, take care of Me. Haven’t I taken care of you? Tenderly?”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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