Thursday, January 1, 2015

He must empty so as to fill

I can't find the right words, but what I want to say is: God is always coming to us, as totally as we can receive Him, but from every side.  He comes in "life", just as it is.  The as-it-isness is precisely how He comes.  If we look for Him in certain patterns or forms, we only receive a fraction.  Now for you, the natural tendency is to romanticize the way of His coming.  Your self wants that, at least: at least that glory, the glory of holiness.  And He says:  No, - I can't give myself, not fully, in any way that gives self a foothold.  Nothing romantic or beautiful or in any way dramatic; nothing to get hold of, in one sense, because it must be He that does the getting hold.  A terrible death in every way, destroying all we innocently set our spiritual hearts on: all but Him.  So utter joy, in a sense that "romance" can never envisage.  There are depths of self-desire - innocently - that He must empty so as to fill them; He is doing it and you must set your thinking being to co-operate . . .
Sister Wendy Beckett
October 1975
Spiritual Letters

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