Thursday, January 1, 2015

Do everything to assure our intimacy


“Try to grasp what I’m saying: I am the one and only End. You are still too little for Me to tell you that the only end is suffering, for suffering, you see, is the surest way of coming close to Me and of being like Me. But when you accept a joy and thank Me for having given it to you, this gives Me both delight and glory. Knowing how weak you are, My providence gave you all these little happy incidents that you noticed this week and for which you thanked Me spontaneously. At each joyous cry of thanks I blessed you. You know how I bless a very beloved friend or bride? I take her on My heart. She doesn’t see, but she feels strengthened and ready for greater devotion to her neighbor. Oh, when you help others, let it be for Me and not just for the satisfaction of being kind.

“Purify your look at Me. Make it keener. Do everything to assure our intimacy. It’s not sure enough, is it? Not constant. It is troubled by strange earthly thoughts.

“I only; your only one. Engrave this on your heart. Remember that everything exists by Me alone.”

“Lord, I know this. Then how is it that I can forget it as though I never knew?”

“You are always My little girl. But be careful not to wander off. Better to stay closely bound to Me, face to face as it were, so that nothing will be lost. I let Myself overflow. Are you there to receive Me? . . . And if you are not there, which of us suffers the most?”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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