Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bring them to me . . .

“I should so love You to be happy in my heart.”
“Your desire in itself is a call that pleases Me and gives Me great honor. You make amends for yourself and you make amends for the ingratitude of so many others. Do they think of Me with a little affection even once a year? Do they accept the thought of My love for each one of them? When will they realize that time—the span of earthly life—is too short, that I need all eternity to love them? That this present life of theirs is not their goal, but only a means given to them to earn the other life?

“Pray for them. You can do a great deal without seeing the fruit. But I see; I hear. I see that in helping others to arise, you rise yourself. Do you believe Me? Come to Me and bring others with you. I know how to talk to them all—to the ashamed and the timid as well as to the rebellious and the proud. Didn’t I say to Saul, ‘It’s hard for you kicking against the goad’? And immediately he surrendered his will and asked, ‘What must I do?’

“Oh, My child, what power there is in My gentleness and in the tenderness of My voice! You know a little about this, don’t you? Imitate Me as much as you are able. If you could only bring all the people around you to Me! Try to tell them that I love them and how much I love them. My love is so vehement that I’ll forgive them everything from the moment they repent. Bring them to Me and I’ll enfold you with them.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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