Friday, December 19, 2014

The School of Divine Wisdom


Again, Daughters, imitate your divine Spouse for within extreme humility is found the door to the deepest communion with your Beloved.  It is there that you will most assuredly see Him face to face.  Do not be troubled by your imperfections but allow them to be consumed by the fire of His love.  This is the path to the peace of heart and serenity of mind you seek.  You must allow yourself to be taught by His holy inspirations and know that you are now in the school of humility; to be taught not the wisdom of this world but rather divine wisdom.  Human wisdom is for naught when one begins to study the science of the saints.

She shall be the greatest who will make herself the least. She that humbles herself the most profoundly shall be the most exalted ; she shall have, the more easily, access to that wine-cellar, that royal hall, whence opens that secret sanctuary in which the soul communes face to face with her divine Spouse.

If any dust of imperfection cling to your heart, be not troubled, but consume it immediately in the fire of divine love, and, sorrowfully asking forgiveness, continue to live in peace.
From humility of heart proceeds serenity of mind, gentleness of conduct, interior peace, and every good.

The most simple means to be always favored with new gifts and graces, and to love God more and more, is to look with the eye of faith into the abyss of our nothingness, and, in the fear which this sight will inspire, to fly into the interior of the desert, in the abyss of the Divinity, wherein we let our nothingness disappear and passively receive divine inspirations. Abandon yourself wholly to God; let the Divine Majesty accomplish this work in the secret of your soul. In this school of divine wisdom she is the most learned who becomes the most ignorant. In this school we understand without understanding, so to speak, for I cannot express myself. O holy ignorance, which causes all the wisdom and greatness of the world to vanish, and makes us learn, in the school of the Holy Spirit, the science and wisdom of the saints!
St. Paul of the Cross