Sunday, December 28, 2014

the only real criterion of the past: where has it brought you?

Dear Daughters of St. Philip Neri,
So often we let both our past and present plague us or weigh us down, but Sr. Wendy reminds us of two important criteria in this regard.  Remember, that the only thing important about your past is where it has brought you and if it has brought you to the Heart of the Beloved now then rejoice!.  As to the present, your task is to stay close to Beloved's Heart until your own beats as one with His.

. . . If you think about it, my dear, you have listened to God's Word with all that is in you, as total a listening as you could, and the Word called for a response from all that is in you, a response so total that you really haven't room for any more, have you now?

This is mostly just to say a very loving thank you above all and primarily, for the joy you gave me in your openness to Jesus-as-He-is, the poor Jesus who takes us into His poverty, which alone can have the capacity to receive the Father's love from the Spirit.

Certainly don't feel anxious about yourself, your past or your present.  The only real criterion of the past is: where has it brought us?  And yours has brought you to His Heart.  And all the present demands, (all!!) is to keep lovingly, longingly, close to that Heart until Its Love beats within your own.

Goodbye for a little stretch of time that only unties us in surrender to Our Blessed Lord.
Sister Wendy Beckett
28 September 1974