Friday, December 26, 2014

Since I can put up with you, certainly you can put up with yourself

Daughters, at times the greatest burden that you will bear is yourselves.  Sometimes the experience of your own poverty and weakness, your sin and inability to pray will cast a pall of despondency over you.  But allow this to be not only a means to humility but an opportunity to entrust yourself more fully to God and His grace.  If you cannot bear yourself be sure that He, who sees through you and knows all there is to know about you, loves you more than ever when you turn to Him.  Despite the turmoil that rages inside you, know that He rests in your heart.

“If you have to make sacrifices to reach Me, don’t worry about them. I’m in you. I’ll shoulder their weight. If you find no words to express your love, keep silent and I in you will speak to Myself. If you can’t keep your thoughts on Me, come back to Me as soon as you notice this, gently, without bitterness against yourself. Since I can put up with you, you can surely put up with yourself. Transmute this into an opportunity of being humble. Oh, never miss one of such blessed opportunities. My little girl humble . . . What a joy for Me!

“You understand, I see all that’s going on inside you. I can fathom you. Don’t parents see right through their little child? And I . . . Shouldn’t that hearten you? Shouldn’t it help your inner life? I’m at rest in your soul.

“At the beginning of Creation, God walked in the Garden of Eden and talked with your first parents. There was God and there was man. Now it is the God-Man, and He is in you, still nearer, since He took on human nature. What oneness, My child! Think of it. If you understood better, your heart would melt with love."

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”