Friday, December 26, 2014

Since I am yours, you are rich


“I went into church saying, ‘Lord, your little nothing is coming in.”

“Who is anything beside the infinitely great God? And you, particularly chosen to be showered with blessings—you are nothing but wretchedness. I feed this wretchedness every morning with My Eucharist because I want to keep you in My friendship, for I am drawn to the weakest and the poorest. Give Me everything that you blame in yourself, since I am the one who transforms even the ugliest, the lowest, the most vile. I transmute everything into the gold of My glory. How can this be done? By love.”

“I should so much like to do something for You! Even in giving all of myself, I give nothing. What can I do?”

“Take Me and offer Me to Myself with all the trust I always expect from you. Since I am yours, you are rich. You are only poor when you count on yourselves and expect to act in your own unaided strength. How destitute you are then! But if you lay hold of My merits with humility and hope, what a priceless fortune is yours? And above all, never doubt Me. I won My merits only to give them to you. My poor children. You don’t think of this, because you are living in the mists that veil the delicate touches of your divine friend—the touches full of charm.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”