Monday, December 22, 2014

Sigh for the embrace of Jesus

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Daughters, at times the greatest burden we carry is ourselves and the weight of sin, both past and present.  Therefore, you must trust above all in the mercy of God and allow Him to draw you close to His loving heart; as St. Philip your patron drew so many to his heart in the confessional.  Do not give yourself over the "unworthy sentiment" of despair but cast your faults into the infinite ocean of charity.  You must have this courage and deep trust if you are to offer yourselves in reparation.

In every holy work arm yourself with confidence in God; let no obstacles frighten you. God will enable you to do wonders. Be, then, generous and courageous. Put your shoulder to the wheel with humility and purity of intention, having in view only the glory of God. Thank Him for having chosen you as an instrument of His glory, and, humbling yourself in His presence, cry out, " I am as nothing before Thee." (Ps. xxxviii. 6.)

Have great diffidence of yourself. "Without Me," your Saviour tells you, "you can do nothing." (John xv. 5.) And the apostle St. James : " Every perfect gift is from above." (James i. i7.)
Beginners in the service of God sometimes lose confidence when they fall into any fault. When you feel so unworthy a sentiment rising within you, you must lift your heart to God and consider that all your faults, compared with divine goodness, are less than a bit of oakum thrown into a sea of fire.

So when you have committed some fault, humble yourself before God, and cast your fault into the infinite ocean of charity, and at once it will be effaced from your soul; at the same time all distrust will disappear.

Where is the father, who holding a beloved daughter in his arms, would let her fall to the earth. And if an earthly father would not act thus, much less would a God of infinite love. We must have courage in His service.

Renew your confidence by a glance at the cross. See that precious blood, those mortal wounds, those hands which have made heaven and earth are still outstretched to poor, repentant sinners who humbly sigh for the embrace of Jesus.
St. Paul of the Cross

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