Monday, December 29, 2014

See nothing but only Jesus

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I was going to say: open your heart ever more totally to the Suffering Servant, and I do still say that, but in the cramped confines of a letter, it could sound over-precise.  Because what He wants is for you to see "nothing but only Jesus" - whether He comes in glory or in humiliation should hardly impinge - and yet I deliberately say "Jesus" rather than "God", because He is the Man of Sorrows, crucified in weakness - the Jesus we see in Hebrews, "crying aloud", and in John, "greatly troubled".  "God" can sound as if holiness took us into glory, whereas it takes us, with Jesus, into the garden and on the Cross, conscious only of the Father.  Hope you can understand my poor stammerings.
Sister Wendy Beckett
20 January 1975
Spiritual Letters