Sunday, December 21, 2014

See the Beloved in those who suffer

Daughters, your Beloved is present in all those who suffer.  Their sufferings were made Christ's own in His Passion and so when you see those in great sickness or undergoing terrible trials, approach them with the greatest humility.  Acknowledge the great pity the Lord is showing you in them even now.  When you serve others there is no room for condescension for they in reality serve you in a far greater measure.  This is the greatest of mysteries but also the greatest source of consolation and hope.  Try to understand the tenderness of your Lord's soul.

You have just been to see a very sick friend and you were full of pity for him. What will you say to your great friend when you see His sufferings? Look carefully at them because they were for you. They are yours. Be humble enough to hide yourself in them. Say to Me, ‘Have pity on me. I am nothing but a poor sinner.’ Believe it, and I’ll be moved to pity.

Consider your nothingness. If you could see it, you would be terrified if you didn’t know My tender mercy. Try to grasp the poverty of your soul, its destitution. The you in you is nothing. This vision of yourself as you are would be terrible for you if you couldn’t count on My merits. Make this your consolation at this time of My passion. Look upon Me and discover My obedient death, accepted with the sweetness of My entire being.

My little children, if you could have read My soul! Some day you will understand better. Love now as though you already knew. Try. Give Me your childlike readiness.

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”