Tuesday, December 23, 2014

O sweet will of God, I adore Thee

Daughters, the sufferings that come to you may seem relentless and, as it were, pound upon you as waves upon the beach.  But as St. Paul of the Cross counsels make yourself as a rock.  Not in the sense, of course, that you feel nothing or are impervious to the pain; but rather as one who has absolute confidence in the love of your Heavenly Father.  Remain silent; that is, remain immersed in prayer or, rather, let the pain you experience itself be your prayer, crying out - "O sweet will of God, I adore Thee!"

Have you ever noticed rocks in the sea, beaten by the tempest? A furious wave dashes against the rock, another and yet another does likewise, yet the rock is unmoved. But look at it after the storm has subsided, and you will see that the flood has but served to wash and purify it of the defilement it had contracted during the calm.

Hereafter I wish you to be as a rock. A wave dashes against you? Silence! It assails you ten, a hundred, a thousand times? Silence! Say, at most, in the midst of the storm, "My Father, my Father, I am all thine! O dear, O sweet will of God, I adore Thee!"

St. Paul of the Cross