Thursday, December 25, 2014

Let yourself disappear in Me

“Of course, even in a season of dryness when life seems to have lost its savor for your mind and heart, I take you. Don’t resist; just let yourself disappear in Me. You’ve seen something floating on the vast ocean at the mercy of the waters? I am the Waters. I am the Immensity. Can you see where I’m taking you? What else is there for you to do but to set yourself adrift on Me. Hope that your course may bring Me the greatest glory. Hope to be balm for My heart. Haven’t I the right to privileges, to your favors? To be the chosen one, the most beloved of all?

“When you say to Me, ‘Beloved Jesus I give you my entire life,’ do you realize that at the same time I’ve given you more, since even what you are giving Me is what I’ve given you? Admit that everything you have comes from Me. It’s all a gift from Me, not to display My power, not chosen at random, but by My most attentive love—chosen especially for you, My children—for your path in life, in order to help you to reach the goal that is yours.

“You have everything you need to perfect the Daughter I dreamed of in creating you. Did you watch Me creating you? You see you can have no idea of the tenderness that I pledged to your soul so long ago—from all eternity. Then I ask you not to consider Me exacting if I say to you, as I do so often, ‘Give Me everything.’ ”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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