Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It is in your power to give Me alms


Daughters, like Gabrielle, withhold nothing of yourself from God; for He thirsts for your love and waits in hope for you to offer it to Him.  He is jealous for your love and makes Himself a beggar at the door your heart - waiting to meet you and to receive your love as if you were giving Him alms.  His inexpressible joy will overflow as abundant blessings for you.  

I had seen flowers of all kinds at the edge of a ditch.

“You see how insurgent the spring is! Let a springtide of love in your soul blossom out in good deeds of every color. I shall look lovingly at them just as you looked at the flowers in the underbrush. Tell yourself that love alone can make fresh wonders spring forth.

Then give yourself to love so that love may possess you. Don’t divide yourself into two—one part for you and the other for Me—since I long to have all of you and cherish this hope. Your love quenches My thirst. I am most demanding: you see I want My children to be wholly and utterly Mine at every moment. So don’t withhold a thing. Don’t take anything of yourselves away. You would steal from Me if you did, because everything is Mine.

If I require this of you it is because My yearning for you is a consuming fire. And My yearning is born of My love. Do you understand? Do you at last believe? Do you acknowledge My power to love? And if Mine is a love beyond all others, then how could you fail to go beyond your usual ways of loving to make your home in the higher realms—the realms where all is simplicity in our oneness. Above all when you know that it is there that I’m waiting for you and that great is My need to meet you.

Meditate on this need of Mine and you will call to mind that it is in your power to give Me these alms. Then remember the value of a free gift - the gift of oneself when offered out of tenderness. What inexpressible joy will be His who receives it. He will multiply His blessings so that the one that receives them will be lost in wonder and gratitude. ‘What have I done to deserve the kindness of my God?’ she will ask. And I shall reply, ‘You loved Him with all your strivings and you let Him love you.’"

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.” 

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