Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holy desire


Daughters, give free reign to your desire for God; the Love more desirable than life in this world.  Let yourself be clay in His hands, trusting in His will for you, whether ignominy or honor.  Every desire must be perfected by being consumed in the fire of God's love and the desire to please God must be set above all others.  

When shall we be dead to all things that we may live for God? Ah! yes, when will that time arrive?  O precious death! more desirable than life; death which, through love, transforms us into God!  St. John Chrysostom said: Silentium, quod lutem prabet figulo, idem ipse prabe conditori tuo. Oh, what a sentence!  He would say, " As the clay is silent in 'the hands of the potter, so do you be silent in the hands of your Creator."  The clay remains silent whether the potter forms it into a vessel of honor or of ignominy, whether he breaks it or flings it among the rubbish ; it is content to be cast aside or to be placed in an art gallery. Impress this lesson on your memory.

Even the holiest desires, whether they refer to the salvation of souls or the needs of the Church, which are very great, should be consumed in the fire of the love of God, whence they proceed, and await God's time for their fulfilment. Meanwhile cultivate one only desire, the most perfect of all ; that is, to please God more and more, and to nourish yourself with His will.
St. Paul of the Cross