Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hiddenness and Humility


Daughters, remain humble and any grace that God bestows keep hidden from the eyes of others.  That which is most precious is also to be protected and the intimacy shared with God is not to be exposed indiscriminately to the eyes of the world.

When God bestows His favors on you, keep your secret to your self, according to the advice of the prophet Isaias: " My secret to myself, my secret to myself" (Isaias xxiv. i6), and seize every occasion to humble yourself.

God reveals His sublime secrets only to those who are humble of heart. Therefore entertain a sincere contempt of yourself; let it be your greatest desire to be regarded as an object worthy of contempt.

Arrived at this point of humility, abandon yourself to God, and He will illumine your soul with rays of divine light and cause you to lead a life of divine love — a holy life. These are some of the sublime effects which the Divine Majesty works in souls that are truly humble and render to God all the glory of His gifts. Read these sentiments attentively, but with a simple and open heart, after the example of the mother-pearl, which, having received the dew of heaven, closes itself and sinks to the bottom of the sea, there to form the precious pearl.

St. Paul of the Cross