Friday, December 19, 2014

He and I


Daughters, so often you do not know comfort in your trials because you lack faith in the Beloved's desire for you and for your good.  You forget His Passion and so lose sight of Him in your own sufferings.  Do not let your thoughts become complicated but rather focus on this simple reality: You are His love and live in the words "He and I".  Believe you are loved and He will raise you up ever higher to perfect unity.

“To know that you love me so much could make me die of joy, couldn’t it?”

“It’s not enough to know about this love; above all you must have faith in it. How much comfort people would find and what happiness even in the midst of trials, if they only believed that everything that happens to them comes from My desire to do them good and that all is fitted to the measure of each one. Instead of that some think I am spiteful toward them, and they plot vengeance against their God. It would be so simple and so heartwarming for them to contemplate My immense love. But they no longer recall My passion. And wasn’t it the proof of this other passion, this love I have for you all?

Little soul, let it be very simple for you to believe that I love you more than you have ever been loved. Come to this wellspring of My love; come, draw living waters of constant union and levitating joy.

Ponder these words: He and I. Live them. I and you: I in you. So often you imprison Me in your hearts by the two bars of the sign of the cross, and in the tabernacle in the Eucharist. Where else would I prolong My life on earth if not in the hearts of men, at least in the hearts of those who open them to Me. They called Me. They called Me night and day. And I came. And I made My home with them.”

“Lord, my heart will always be your home. I should like to engrave on it, ‘Home of Rest for Him.’ ”

“In My Father’s House you will discover the answer: ‘Home of Joy for My Daughter.’ Oh, practice believing it over and over again, and be overwhelmed with happiness as you think, ‘I am loved.’ You know, don’t you, that as you have believed so you shall receive. And from these feelings born of your confidence new favors will come to help you rise higher. Rise to union? Higher, still higher: to unity.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”