Tuesday, December 23, 2014

God is in the details

Daniel Gerhartz Tutt'Art@

Daughters, in the book of Sirach (3:21-23) we hear: "For great is the power of the Lord; by the humble he is glorified.  What is too sublime for you, do not seek; do not reach into things that are hidden from you. What is committed to you, pay heed to; what is hidden is not your concern. In matters that are beyond you do not meddle, when you have been shown more than you can understand. Indeed, many are the conceits of human beings; evil imaginations lead them astray."  It is often pride and conceit that leads us away from God.  We get wrapped up in the flights of our imagination and musing of the intellect instead of keeping our focus upon the task at hand.  

Your greatest treasure is to be found in the Beloved.  He is in the humblest things and so we must take them up with love.  Life in this world is ever so brief.  Don't lose sight of your God because your have let your attention to stray and have gone after things beyond you; that is, have turned away from the Lord who dwells in your hearts. 

“You see what great care I take of My own. Even in the tumult I draw them into solitude where the heart is on the alert to hear the beloved.

“Didn’t I say to them in the past, ‘When I sent you out without purse or staff did you lack anything?’ And they answered, ‘Nothing.’ ”

“Lord, it is often I who am lacking.”

“For these omissions humble yourself, and don’t be astonished by them. Wish to be cured of this lack of carefulness in My service. Take frequent stock not only of the value of your actions, but above all, of the value of your motive in doing them—the forthrightness of your will to glorify Me.
“Perhaps if you paid attention more often to what you do for Me, you would intensify your fervor and tenderness. You would be more faithful in the details—these precious details that can earn so much. They are the specks of goodness that fill life . . . You get the picture—the invisible grains of sand that make up the immense Sahara. Take great care in the very little things, My Daughter. Say to yourself, ‘They are made to the measure of my little nature.'  And this thought will keep you humble.

“Have you noticed how often the work of the humble has to be done again? Put all your heart into it, knowing that you please Me. And since you want to live for Me, since you want to see everything in relation to Me, and pattern your life after Me, then consider how short the time is that remains for you on earth. You can give Me glory in that time. Give it to Me unstintingly.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”