Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feelings of fear need not shame you

Daughters, we live in a world that is often shadowed by violence and sin that scars the psyches of so many people.  As you labor in your apostolate of prayer and reparation, allow your vision to broaden so that you develop together a sense of shared burden in the Mystical Body. Trust the Beloved completely and know that even when the weight of life presses upon you not to feel the least shame.  You share now in something of His pain.  Gethsemane manifests itself in your experience.  Everything that happens is Christ.    

I do feel we've just got to shut our eyes and dive into the sea of Christ, dive with the trust of people who can't swim and yet go straight into the dark water.

We may be spared still and one understands so well now our dear Lord's prayer in Gethsemane, His fear, and His courage.  But whatever happens, in the future it seems to me that this which we are now experiencing, He is saying "Fear not, it is I"

I can't explain, but several times today when I felt I could really cave in, suddenly right in the midst of myself His voice seems to say that "Fear not it is I" - and I feel vaguely that somehow or other our becoming Christ - the consummation of our love for Him, has to take this form of knowing something of His pain, so that even the feeling of fear and the awful moments when one just wants to cry and cry like a child, need not shame us, because they are all part of Christ's experience in us.

I can't make my meaning clear, but I shall try to hang on to the thought all the time, that in a mysterious way, everything that happens to us is not only His will, but Himself . . .

Caryll Houselander