Saturday, December 20, 2014

Drink the chalice of Jesus with closed eyes


Daughters, receive every suffering as offered from the hand of the Beloved and drink of the chalice He offers you caring not for what its contents may be.  The will of Jesus must become sweet to you as the Father's was to Him.  Let nothing frighten you but trust that God will make a saint of you so long as you hold fast to His will.  The devil will seek to fill your hearts with doubt but the Lord will accomplish all things through your adversities.

Sustain yourself with the holy will of God; drink of the chalice of Jesus with closed eyes, caring not what its contents may be ; it suffices to know that this chalice is offered to you by the sweet Jesus.

Say frequently and from your heart, " O holy will of God, I love thee ; the food of my Jesus was to do the will of the eternal Father ; it shall be my food also ever to do His will." Do not let the devil frighten you. Keep yourself hidden in God, and noth ing can hurt you. Never neglect prayer. Be strong and constant. Courage ! God wishes to make a saint of you. May Jesus bless you!

The divine will is a balm which heals every wound. We should caress it and love it in adversity as well as in prosperity. We ought to imitate the gardeners and the vine-dressers ; when a storm breaks out they retire to the shed, and remain there until the storm has passed. So, in the midst of the tempests with which we are threatened on account of our sins and those of the world, we should retire under the golden tent of the divine will, rejoicing that the good pleasure of the Sovereign Master is being accomplished in all things.
St Paul of the Cross

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