Monday, November 24, 2014

With Mary, hold close to your hearts the priests entrusted to your care


Daughters, let Mary be the model for you; she whose sorrows were inseparable from those of her Son.  Fear not to let your hearts be pierced with that sword of sorrow and to offer yourself as a holocaust of love.  Hold in your arms the sons, the priests entrusted to your care, who are wounded in their sin or wound others or who, united to Christ, carry a heavy cross for the sake of others.  All need your tender care, prayers and sacrifices. 

Let us be pierced through by those sufferings of Jesus and these dolors of Mary; and let the sword be well tempered, that the wound of love may be the deeper; for the deeper it is, the sooner will the captive soul escape from her prison. I am in an abyss of darkness, and I know not how to speak of these marvels. She who would be the most pleasing to Mary must humble herself the most, for Mary was the humblest of creatures, and for that reason she pleased God more than all others.

Meditate frequently on the sorrows of the Mother of God — sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you go to the crucifix, you will there find the Mother, and, on the other hand, wherever the Mother is, there, also, is the Son.  Unite the sufferings of Jesus with those of the holy Virgin, and, bowing yourself beneath their weight, make of yourself a holocaust of love and sorrow. Divine love will teach you how, if you keep yourself concentrated in your nothingness.

O tender Mother, unutterable was thy grief in finding thyself deprived of thy dear Son, and then in beholding Him dead in thy arms ! Ah ! who can realize the sadness of Mary when she returned to Bethany after the burial of her Son ? Jesus expires on the cross ! He is dead that we may have life. All creation mourns : the sun darkens, the earth trembles, the rocks burst, and the veil of the temple is rent in twain; my heart alone remains harder than a rock!

St. Paul of the Cross