Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The language of love is a burning heart


Daughters, humility alone will allow your hearts to be set on fire like that of your patron Philip Neri.  Plunge yourself into the truth of your nothingness and you plunge yourself into infinite Love. Pray always but speak little.  It is the intensity of your desire for the Beloved that cries out to Him with an ardor beyond words.  Fear not to let yourself be consumed completely.

Ah ! the God of truth loves the truth. Now, she who knows her nothingness, and acknowledges it, knows the truth. Through contemplation, which ac quaints us with this great truth that we are nothing and that God is all, our soul is plunged into the infinite love of the Supreme Good. Follow the rules which I have marked out for your direction in prayer according to the lights that God has given me. The state of prayer, in which God has placed you, requires few words. Love speaks little. The language of divine love is a burning heart; no words can express its ardors; they make of the loving soul a victim of love, a holocaust, consumed and reduced to ashes in the divine fire of charity.

St. Paul of the Cross

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