Monday, November 24, 2014

The Abode of Thy Love


Daughters, it is with the Bread of Angels that God will restore your bodies and souls.  Let your hearts long to be with Him and to be refreshed by His love.  When you are unable to physically be in His presence, let your desire carry you before Him.

The Holy Eucharist very often in vigorates and strengthens even the body. O infinite mercy of our sovereign Good ! this marvellous effect proceeds from the great vigor which the bread of angels communicates to the soul, and which reacts on the body.

O Jesus, hidden under the Eucharistic veils, Thou hast said: " If any one thirst, let him come to Me, and I will refresh him." Do Thou quench my thirst. ... In truth, in truth, Jesus has refreshed me ; at some future day He will entirely quench my thirst.

My God, the tabernacle is the abode of Thy love, prepared by Thee for those whom Thou lovest.  When shall I be enabled, during the hours of profound solitude, to commune with my Eucharistic Love at the foot of the holy altar?  Who will give me the wings of a dove, that I may take my flight to the Sacred Heart of my Jesus?

St. Paul of the Cross

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