Friday, November 28, 2014

Sigh after that happy country


The greater number of Christians live unmindful of what your Beloved had done and suffered.  This is why they live on, sleeping in the horrible mire of iniquity.  Arouse yourselves, daughters, from your lethargy and burning with zeal run out to meet your the Beloved in the Passion.  Unite yourselves to Him in love and suffering.  Let your lives trumpet the divine Word.

Already the walls of the prison are crumbling to dust, and the prisoner is about to enjoy the liberty of the children of God. Sigh after that happy country ; leave your heart free to take its flight thither; above all, drink, with love, of your Saviour's chalice ; inebriate yourself with it — and how ? By pure love and pure suffering; unite the two, or, rather, cast a drop of your sufferings into the ocean of divine love. My daughter, in heaven the elect will not be united to me as a friend is united to a friend, but as the iron which is penetrated by the fire.

St. Paul of the Cross