Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rest in the sweet embrace of love


Daughters: Adore your Beloved in spirit and truth.  Clothe yourselves in that Spirit of Love and worry not about any earthly consolation.  You may feel yourselves naked and exposed but in reality you will be free and unencumbered.  Rest in the Truth - small and lacking the self-consciousness that often plagues us.  Remain like a child at the breast to be nourished upon Love.

The true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth." (John iv. 23.) Note these words well, be cause they contain all the elements of prayer ; its perfection consists not in the joys and sensible delights which it may produce, but in the spirit — that is, in a true, pure, and simple nakedness and poverty of spirit, detached from all sensible consolation, so that the spirit reposes, purely and simply, in the infinite Spirit of God. Our Lord adds : " and in truth " — that is to say, we must have a full consciousness of our nothingness, so as not to rob God of one iota of His glory. See that child : after having fondled and caressed its mother, it lulls itself on her breast, continuing to move its tiny lips sucking the milk ; so the soul, after having spent her affections, so to speak, ought to rest on the bosom of her heavenly Father, and not awaken from this sleep of faith and love with out the permission of God.

St. Paul of the Cross

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