Tuesday, November 25, 2014

O happy loss!

Desiderium 1873 by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt 1833-1898

Dear Daughters, 

Let your lives correspond to all the many gifts God has given to you; for they are but a reflection of what He truly desires to bestow upon you.  The more God draws you to Himself and the more enriched you are by His life, the more you will experience your own nothingness.  Do not fear this radical sense of your own insufficiency.  Rather, forget yourself completely and once drawn into the Beloved's Heart you will experience it as a happy loss.   

Be faithful to correspond wonderful graces which you have re ceived from Our Lord ; they are a preparation for greater graces and more sublime lights, which will cause you to love God more, to acquire more solid virtue, and to practise it in a more heroic degree. Truly, the more the soul is enlightened by faith and prayer, the more intimately is she united to God, and by means of this union with the Supreme Being she is enriched with all goods, and she accomplishes great things with humility and a sense of her own insufficiency. Thus she disposes herself to be all absorbed in God in contemplation, for the divine Lover draws her to Himself by means of this union. It is for this reason that I wish you to be diligent in the study of your own nothingness, that this nothingness may be absorbed, so to speak, in the immensity of God, Who is all.

O happy loss! The soul finds her self again, indeed, after losing herself in God.
St. Paul of the Cross

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