Sunday, November 30, 2014

Loving aspirations to God


Daughters, you must understand that prayer is to the soul what breathing is to the body.  It must be constant; and indeed desire for the Beloved will make it just as natural.  St. Paul of the Cross refers to prayer as loving "aspirations" to God.  How beautifully this captures the nature of prayer, for it is also the action of God "breathing into" us or rather the groanings of His Spirit within us.  

Let yourself simply live in the faith of what you have become - living temples of God - and through prayer let faith, hope and love become a fire so that every thought is consumed with God.   

The kingdom of God is within you. Reanimate your faith often when you study, work, or eat ; when you retire to rest, or rise in the morning. Make some loving aspirations to God, such as: " O Infinite Goodness! " or other prayer, and let your soul be penetrated by these pious sentiments as by a precious balm. This great God is nearer to you, so to speak, than you are to yourself. As for me, I cannot understand how it is possible not to be always thinking of God.

You are the living temple of God. Visit this interior sanctuary often, and see that the lamps, — that is, faith, hope, and charity — are burning.
St. Paul of the Cross

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